Our services include:


Do you sometimes wonder who you should be talking to – your patent and trade mark agents or your IP lawyers? Do you sometimes feel that the different professions have different agendas rather than truly understanding your issue and giving you the best advice?

We are one of only a handful of UK firms that offer a true one-stop shop for intellectual property.

We offer:

  • The best possible advice by combining the services of specialist intellectual property lawyers, trade mark and patent attorneys
  • In-house trade mark and patent filing services: a service which means you don’t need to instruct different firms, saving you effort, time and money
  • Freedom to operate/clearance advice that allow you to pursue your business goals with confidence
  • Advice on how to ensure that your unregistered IP rights (copyright, designs and confidential information) can best be protected


Do you know what your IP is doing to make you the most money possible? Can you show your business how you are using your IP to gain competitive advantage? If not, you need to talk to us. Owning an intellectual property right can, and should be, a licence to increase your profits.

We will help you ensure that your business is using IP rights to maximise revenue generation by:

  • Working with you to devise strategies for the sale or licensing of your unused intellectual property rights
  • Devising checklists and heads of terms with you to facilitate simple and profitable deals
  • Working with you to draft and negotiate deals to secure the revenue stream you deserve


We constantly monitor our track record of success in IP litigation – our success rate over the last 8 years, stands at 87 per cent.

Despite our strong record we are able to offer our services at a fraction of the price of any equivalent London-based firm, due to a lower cost base at our only Leeds office.

When you talk to us we will:

  • Consider alternative methods of charging for the work we do, other than the “chargeable hour” which we recognise is not always appropriate
  • In certain cases, work on a reduced fee in return for a “success fee” for winning
  • Ensure that as and when rights are infringed you will know exactly who to talk to and what to do to achieve your goals, whether it is an urgent injunction or substantial damages
  • Deploy our 5 step process
Our five step process


Do you have procedures in place to avoid inadvertently infringing someone else’s IP? Do you sometimes receive notice that you are infringing, and wonder whether your existing lawyers are up to the job?

Our experienced team can help you:

  • Devise and implement strategies to avoid inadvertently infringing someone else’s IP
  • Understand where the line is drawn between infringement and non-infringement
  • Where possible, knock out any claim made against you as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Gain a bargaining position to achieve the best possible settlement in the circumstances, if the claim cannot be resolved in your favour